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Communications Committee

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2023-24 Team
  • Laura Wesley
  • Emma Thoms
  • Matt Belanger.
Whereas in the past, communication with the membership has mostly been unplanned and sporadic, Enviro Lac Gauvreau must now reach out and engage the membership via a variety of communication tools with messaging designed to be able to better inform them about:
  • The current environmental crisis in which Lac Gauvreau finds itself;
  • The facts and science surrounding the crisis;
  • Actions that members can take to help the environment around the lake;
  • The mission, purpose , objectives and projects/actions of the Enviro Lac Gauvreau; and
  • Actions that the Board and membership must take to save our lake.
A robust but achievable communications plan, including better and more frequent and accessible communication will also serve to:
  • Increase and foster member engagement;
  • Help build partnerships;
  • Provide an easy reference tool for granting organizations to consult;
  • Provide communication governance for the Enviro Lac Gauvreau; and
  • Ensure ongoing awareness of Lac Gauvreau’s health
The Enviro Lac Gauvreau Communications Team needs help!
The help of several people would be fantastic, so the work can be shared and not rest on one individual. If you have a background or an interest in website content creation, newsletter creation, translation, graphics, we can certainly use your assistance!

Email to help!