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"Green Fund" grants target Lac Gauvreau's environmental issues

What are "Green Fund" grants?
Following its 2019 budget presentation, La Pêche Municipal Council passed By-law 19-781 to establish the "green fund". La Pêche will use the fund to support innovative projects from the community and actions in areas such as fighting climate change, managing waste, protecting water, and caring for the soil. Green fund support for those efforts is a natural outgrowth of La Pêche’s 2019–2023 strategic plan, in which climate change is one of eight identified priority issues.

For the years 2021 and 2022, Enviro Lac Gauvreau was the beneficiary of several grants awarded through the La Pêche Municipality Green Fund. Another application for funding was submitted in the spring of 2023.
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Newred copy 2023 - Enviro Lac Gauvreau applies for "Green Fund" grant

March, 2023— Enviro Lac Gauvreau has requested just over $25,000 from the Municipal Green Fund to finance a number of planned projects this year.

As water testing over the years has shown, nutrient levels in the lake are not decreasing, contributing to more frequent blue-green algae blooms. This can further limit the use of our lake for recreation, swimming etc, so we are now looking more closely at what can be done around Parent Creek, the biggest contributor to nutrients.

We plan to hire Native Plant Solutions (NPS), the consultancy arm of Ducks Unlimited, to do a feasibility study for a constructed wetland along Parent Creek to act as a nutrient sink and reduce silt deposits in the lake. NPS will also investigate all other potential means to reduce nutrients in the lake such as the further restoration of the lakeshores, installation of floating wetlands in the lake, or the use of chemicals to lock up the nutrients in the sediments at the bottom of the lake.

Part of the funding would also be used to further promote adherence to the boating guidelines introduced last year and a pilot project for floating wetlands. It will allow us to continue assisting lakeshore owners with the naturalizing of their lakeshores by making available native lakeshore plants.

Enviro Lac Gauvreau hopes to hear from the Municipality in the first half of April, and will keep our lake residents informed of any developments.

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2021-22 - Enviro Lac Gauvreau is awarded several "Green Fund" grants


Call for projects (Spring 2020)

Lac GauvrEAU Secours: was awarded a grant of $8,470:
Study for Lac Gauvreau recovery, Lac GauvrEAU Secours
In response to the alarming invasion of watermilfoil in the lake, Lac GauvrEAU Secours and the municipality will evaluate measures to restrict the use of motorized watercraft. Organizers will work with various lake users to educate the public and raise awareness of environmental issues.

ENVIRO Lac Gauvreau was awarded a grant of $1,023:
Eurasian water-milfoil: Beating an Invasive Species, Gauvreau Lake Environmental Protection Association
Enviro Lac Gauvreau received this grant to conduct an information session on milfoil, led by ABVdes7 in August 2020.

La Pêche Municipality on behalf of ABV des 7 was awarded a grant of $2,656:
Effects of boats on the proliferation of invasive species, Municipality of La Pêche
The Municipality would like to study the impact of boats on watermilfoil populations. The study, conducted by ABV des 7, will describe the process for restricting the use of motorized watercraft and provide an overview of alternative approaches used elsewhere in Québec.

Call for projects (Spring 2021)

Enviro Lac Gauvreau was awarded $15,000:
Urgent action for the environmental health of Lac Gauvreau, Phase 1 - Gavreau Lake Environmental Protection Association
This initiative is a pilot project for other lakes in La Pêche. Activities include education and awareness campaigns, shoreline characterization and restoration to reduce the influx of nutrients, marking and flagging Eurasian water-milfoil areas to reduce proliferation, participation in the water testing program, and seeking out scientific expertise and guidance to ensure projects to improve the environmental health of Lac Gauvreau are viable and effective.