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Committees represent our current priorities as defined in our action plan. Each committee is led by a Board member. Enviro Lac Gauvreau members are invited to join committees. Please contact if you are interested in participating.

Advocacy committee - If you tend to stay current on local bylaws and sustainability regulations, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to influence change at the municipal level. Led by Rink de Lange.

Boating guidelines (visit webpage) - This year’s priority is to monitor compliance with and potential problems in the application of the guidelines. We will take steps to modify and promote them as needed. Led by Bruce Stockfish.

Communications - Our aim is to equip lake residents with the info they need to adopt environmentally healthy behaviours by communicating through the website, newsletters, Facebook (visit webpage) and other media as appropriate. If you are a photographer or videographer, or interested in event planning, please reach out. Led by Laura Wesley.

Floating wetland pilot – Using money from the Municipality’s Green Fund, we will test the feasibility and effects of multiple small floating wetlands of native plants on their ability to absorb and reduce nutrient levels and blue-green algae in the water surrounding them. Led by Paul Loeven.

Governance - This year’s priority is to update the 20 year old bylaws to ensure that they are complete and relevant so as to permit effective operations of the Board and the Association. Read the current Constitution here. Led by Bruce Stockfish.

Milfoil management (visit webpage) - involves initiatives that may help reduce the spread of milfoil (an invasive plant) such as maintaining the buoy’s that are marking problematic areas. The spread of milfoil is depriving the lake of oxygen. Milfoil mitigation efforts require following regulations and protecting fish and their habitats. Led by Kim Mandzy.

Shoreline restoration (visit webpage) - Each year we give away native plants to increase the buffer of naturalized vegetation around the lake. This natural filter absorbs runoff and nutrients, thereby increasing water quality. Led by Daniel Kobewka.

Parent Creek Re-naturalization (visit webpage) - The objectives of the project are to improve water quality, shoreline habitat, and improve resilience to extreme weather events by creating a treatment wetland to filter run-off and re-meander parts of Parent Creek. Ninety percent of the water that is in Lac Gauvreau comes from Parent Creek. Led by Rink de Lange.

Water quality monitoring (visit webpage) - Collecting data on water level, quality and safety for swimming has been a long term and ongoing effort. We are looking for new people to learn how to do so, to ensure consistent and frequent monitoring. Led by John Leech and Rink de Lange.